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05 October 2011 @ 02:12 pm
Glee Meta on the third season: Quinn, Puck, and Beth.  

I'm gonna start with Quinn. Let's go back. Season One. She's head cheerleader, on top of the world. One mistake brings that whole world crashing down. Everything that she had worked so hard to build for herself--even going insofar as to change her name--ended. Season Two she tries to come back from it all, put it all in the past, hide it away. Clearly that's her main mode of coping. She doesn't mention her baby, barely speaks to the father and just goes back to how it all was...but that doesn't work. She cuts her hair. She makes a big change. Cue the beginning of Season Three. Quinn has dyed her hair pink, gone punk and skank, gotten a tattoo, a nose piercing, and a whole new look. She quit glee. She left all of her old friends. She's shucking off everything. And Shelby Corcoran comes back, and brings Beth with her.

well, shit.

Quinn never coped with having her child and then giving her up for adoption, losing the world she'd created for herself, watching her parents throw her out and then having her mom leave her dad and take her back in.

She never dealt with any of that. This skank thing? She's actually dealing with it all. And that's heavy shit to deal with when you're 18. So if her way of dealing is dying her hair, getting her nose pierced, and smoking menthol cigarettes...then let her deal. And let her come back in her own time. Of course she's acting out. And then Will Schuester has the gall to tell her to grow up? And yell at her? And make her feel bad? HELL to the NO. For someone who's supposed to be a nice, understanding guy...Will's kind of a douche. He should be helping her, not yelling at and taking out his anger at Sue on her. Shelby did better. She was leaps and bounds ahead of Will. And she could actually understand Quinn's situation and impart good advice. Maybe Quinn didn't follow it through, but she definetely took it to heart.

She wants to see her baby. For the first time since she actually birthed Quinn, she wants to see her baby. It's a step. She wants to see her daughter. She wants to face and acknowledge her past.

And now Quinn wants her daughter back. Which is not going to end well. Just because she's gone back to Glee and going a bit back to normal does not mean she's okay yet. She still needs help, and love. And I hope they do her justice, because Ryan Murphy if you fuck with my Quinn I WILL FUCK WITH YOU.

And Puck. Oh Puck, remember when you were a homophobic bully who hit on anything with breasts? He's had some of the best character development out of any character on the show. And so much of it has been subtle. Obviously the major change was in season one with Beth and Quinn. But if you watch him in the back of each episode--he's joining in enthusiastically. He cares for Rachel and Kurt (he goes so far to call Kurt his boy...the same kid he used to toss in dumpsters). He cares for Rachel. He's bros with Artie--remember when he locked Artie in a port a potty? Yeah. He's just come so far and it is amazing to watch him develop and I love him. And I'm excited to see him and Quinn interact. I think he and Shelby will do her good. She needs people who care about her--and no matter what Puck says, you can tell he cares about her. And Shelby does too.

okay, that was a lot longer than expected. rantover.

Because out of everything that went down on tonight's glee....this was their time.